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eCLIPSE Partners with industry leaders to offer a Variety of Cloud services


     More and more businesses are beginning to utilize cloud computing (hosting their data and/or applications in a remote data center) over on-premise hardware. In fact, over the next 5 years, we expect to see 44% annual growth in public cloud workloads and only 8.9% growth in “onpremise” computing workloads. And 2014 is the first year in history that the majority (51%) of all workloads will be in the cloud. eCLIPSE partners with the best of the best in the industry to offer our customers anythgin from simple email in the cloud to full private virtual infastructure. Click a logo below for more information. 

Avatara Complete Cloud                                                           

Appriver Hosted Exchange, Spam Filering and Email Security

Microsoft Office 365

Micorsoft Office 365
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