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IT Solutions

When it comes to your network, our philosophy is pretty simple.  Proactive monitoring and maintenance beats reactive support any day.


With our complete eCARE system we can monitor every aspect of your business network.  Why wait for a call from a customer explaining a problem if it can be detected and many times fixed before the end user is even aware that there was a problem.


With our remote administration capabilities we can respond to problems much quicker than it would normally take to schedule an onsite visit.  This also saves you money.


When you bundle in our remote backup service you truly have a complete solution to your support needs.


  • Proactive 24/7/365 system monitoring

  • Remote administration of your servers and desktop PC's

  • Remote backup service - Protect your crucial data safely and securely off site










Security Solutions

In today’s world, video surveillance is not only a good tool in the fight against crime, it is a necessity. A Network Video System is both an instrument for detection and for deterrence. It allows law

enforcement to protect citizens and property, pinpoint areas where assistance is required, and reduce the cost and time needed for investigations.


eCLIPSE Network Solutions features Axis Communications and OnSSI products in the Network Video Solution installed in the City of Poughkeepsie Mobile Command Unit. AXIS Communications cameras give you razor-sharp details on video, motion detection and tamper resistance. They offer a cost efficient solutions that can easily expand with growing needs. OnSSI’s Smarter Surveillance On Net IP based system, Ocularis, helps to increase security and reduce costs while putting intellingence, automation, and intuition at your fingertips.




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