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#7 Stop Playing Social Media Word Games

Beware Of Scammers Using Social Media Quizzes, Photos To Steal Personal Information.

"Social Media Games tend to give the impression of harmless fun. For instance when you were #covidbored and had already burned through all your jigsaw puzzles so you jump on the Facebook game trend". These apparently harmless games can give information about yourself to hackers and scammers that will then use against you. "If you’re on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the high school senior picture trend that’s popped up in recent weeks: users post their senior picture, typically with a message of support for current high school seniors missing out on key rites of passage, like prom and graduation. The photos are often posted with the hashtag #Classof2020, and variations of the message encourage others to share their own senior pictures in solidarity.

But if you participate, the risks could be even bigger than ’80s senior picture hair."

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